More than half the population (57.6%) do not see the daily newspaper.

More than twice as many people tune into radio between 5-10am (50.1%) than tune into morning TV (7-9am) (22.7%).

There are 1,032,293 people in San Diego (46.2%) who don't watch any television during prime time (8-11pm)

. More than nine out of ten people (92.3%) do not read the automotive classified section of the newspaper.

89.7% of people don't watch the late shows (11:30 pm - 1 am).

More people will listen to the radio (68.9%) than will read even one piece of direct mail (29.7%).

One in five people (18.1%) in San Diego do not see cable TV on an average day. 15.9% do not see TV at all.

81% of San Diegans do listen to RADIO each week for over two and three quarter hours a day!

* Source: The Media Audit, February /March 2005, 18+ Adults